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A Letter from Dr. Gard Jameson

Dear Friend,

In teamwork with my friend, Julie Murray, and her team at Moonridge, we have gathered and developed an opportunity to show up in a new way in our community, the way of compassion. After early research into our community, it was discovered that we, like so many communities, operated in siloes of isolated activity for the welfare of the community. With the help of Pierre and Pam Omidyar, founders of eBay, the community enlisted the wisdom of Richard Harwood of the Harwood Institute, to imagine a better way forward. Out of those whispering conversations, the Jameson Fellowship was born.

The idea and ideal is to foster a community in which trusting and deepening relationships may come forth not only within the various sectors of the community, but, most importantly, between those sectors. Among the sectors identified were: Workforce, Human Services, Healthcare, Environment (Natural & Built), Arts & Cultures, and Education. The idea is that better solutions to community issues arise from a Collective Impact approach, than a siloed approach. As one community leader put in, “it is hard for a child with a toothache to study!”

So, year by year, cohort by cohort, there has been an attempt to reduce isolation and amplify connections embedded with a quality of trust! The hope is that a collaborative team spirit might come forth leading to more and more informed collective impact approaches to community issues. The work of Parker Palmer, with the ideal of forming Circles of Trust, has been employed to help invited deeper levels of relationship, connecting soul to role.

A leadership summit is employed as the leading edge event of each cohort which is then informed by leadership classes in public speaking and presentation and the development of trust. Coach is for each cohort member is employed to assist each person on their personal journey of self-development and realization.

The primary value that has been instilled with each cohort is that of compassion. Compassion is the social/emotional awareness of difficulty within a community with a certain resolve to be of assistance in a dynamically active manner. The Fellowship exists in relationship to a worldwide network of cities and communities who have likewise set compassion as their North Star through the Charter of Compassion. As a collective value, compassion has the capacity to galvanize a community and its resources to be its best self. The Chinese sage, Confucius, identified compassion, wisdom, and courage as the three prerequisites to real community!

As a personal value, compassion leads to peacemaking. Peacemaking is the foundation of real civilization. Compassion has the ability to transform the person, by bringing that person into meaningful relationships with the larger community. Peacemaking reduces prejudice, bias, and bigotry by affirming the intrinsic value of each and every person. When each person takes responsibility to be a peacemaker, a way forward appears.

Thank you for your consideration of this experiment in compassion, trust and peacemaking, We invite you to join us in this endeavor bib learning more about compassion, trust, and peacemaking. We invite, whether you are a part of a cohort or not, to dedicate your life to being a compassionate peacemaker.


Gard Jameson

About Dr. Gard Jameson

Gard Jameson received his PhD from Pacifica Graduate Institute in 2005 and his BA from Stanford University in Religious Studies.  He teaches Asian Philosophy at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas. He is the author of five books, Footprints on the Sands of TimePhaethon, Monkey, and Ramayana: Our Mythic Moment, the last three books reflecting upon three grand epics from the West, China and India.  He and his wife, Dr. Florence Jameson, cofounded Volunteers in Medicine of Southern Nevada, vmsn.org, a charitable clinic that provides free medical, dental, and mental healthcare to those without access. He serves as the Vice Chair of The Charter for Compassion, charterforcompassion.org, Co-Founder of the Children’s Advocacy Alliance, caanv.org, Co-Founder of the Southern Nevada Interfaith Council, interfaithsn.org, and Compassionate Las Vegas, compassionatelv.org.  He also serves as the outreach coordinator of Contemplative Outreach, founded by Thomas Keating, in Southern Nevada.  He has two daughters, MJ and Julia.   

About Moonridge Group

Moonridge Group, a philanthropy consulting firm, advises funders, individual philanthropists and family foundations seeking to strengthen their philanthropic impact. With years of experience Moonridge Group empowers funders to achieve effective philanthropy in the US and abroad.

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Collective Impact

Collective Impact Grant

Holding true to the spirit of unity and collaboration, the Jameson Fellowship’s Collective Impact Grant is meant to bring together community leaders to address an identified need within the community. Open to all Fellows, the Collective Impact Grant inspires partnerships across sectors to bring together our city’s most brilliant minds. This distinctive grant fosters collective activism, diversity, and inclusion which are key ingredients to a more compassionate community.