Alison Yanez-McKay

Alison Yanez-McKay

Alison Yanez-McKay
Community Manager

Alison Yanez-McKay works at Communitas America and is the Community Manager of D-Well, a co-living space in the
DTLV that houses changemakers; individuals with a strong social mission that are community-driven and want to live
and collaborate together. D-Well seeks to create a positive impact in the community through strategic partnerships with
local artists, businesses and nonprofits in the hope that this will lead to fruitful collaborations and sustainable growth in
the community.

Alison’s prior work experience includes working as the Legal Assistant to the Director of Immigration Services at
Catholic Charities of Southern Nevada and as an employee of the Protection Department at the Consulate of Mexico. In
both capacities she worked with vulnerable populations that were facing immigration, civil, labor and criminal issues. She
worked closely with local, state and federal government agencies as well as local nonprofits to ensure proper
representation and access to resources for the clients she serviced.
Alison is an avid arts and culture enthusiast who dabbles occasionally in acting and is a big proponent of the local arts
scene. She is constantly on the lookout for new and exciting food and entertainment options. She loves exposing friends
to new places and experiences and sharing her passion for Las Vegas with others. She currently sits on the board of the
Young Nonprofit Professionals Network of Southern Nevada. In her free time, she volunteers with The Neon Museum
and the Clark County Wetlands Park. She is the co-host of Wild & Free: A Battle Born Podcast, which seeks to feature
the unheard voices of the community and get people involved in the causes they are passionate about.


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