Danielle Patrick Milam

Danielle Patrick Milam

Danielle Patrick Milam is an urban planner, community developer, and organizational innovator. Her practice over the past 18 years has brought together the worlds of urban development, civic engagement, and urban public libraries. As a member of the executive team of the Las Vegas-Clark County Library District and Foundation, she is shaping the implementation of library service innovations. She is the author and editor of many publications relating to the public library’s role in American society, and an industry thought-leader on the future of public libraries. She has worked on many cross-organizational initiatives in Las Vegas and Clark County to positively impact critical issues of educational, economic development, and social well-being, including Raising Las Vegas (a collective action initiative on early childhood), Teachers in Libraries (to foster academic success K-12), Teen Tech Labs (to bring youth STEAM programs to our community), and the Library’s partnership with Workforce Connections (to strengthen the community’s employment and training pipeline and to accelerate the region’s economic diversification.)


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