Toshia Shaw

Toshia Shaw

Toshia Shaw is a Human Services professional that specializes in behavioral health, holistic mental health, and energy healing. She has mentored women through drug addiction, sexual assault, sex-trafficking, domestic violence, grief, loss and other traumatic experiences that shape the way they view themselves and the world around them. She is the Founder and President of Purple W.I.N.G.S., a 501 c (3) nonprofit mentoring organization, and Toshia Shaw, The Professional Mentor, LLC., a trauma-informed life coaching agency, and energy healing company.

Toshia is a trauma, and spiritual life-coach, author, and accomplished public speaker. She helps women and men who have experienced traumatic events in their lives to overcome their past traumas and transform their lives. Through group mentoring, e-courses, and one on one coaching Toshia helps others to cultivate a new way of living that will enable them to attract the kind of personal success and happiness that they truly deserve.

Toshia is a keynote speaker for the Jodi Solomon Speakers Bureau, media commentator participating in television segments, TEDx Fremont East Women, and panels nationwide.


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