Our Featured Fellow for Quarter 3 is Janna Velasco!

Our Featured Fellow for Quarter 3 is Janna Velasco!

The Jameson Fellowship is thrilled to highlight 2019 Jameson Fellow Janna Velasco as the quarter 3 featured fellow. Janna Velasco has lived in Las Vegas for the better part of two decades. Although originally from Michigan, the Vegas Valley feels like home to her. A graduate of UNLV, she holds an Interdisciplinary BA in Anthropology, Sociology and Psychology.

Helping others through collaborative work has been at the center of everything Janna has done from a very young age. Her love of learning has created an eclectic career path that includes Owner of a paint-your-own pottery studio, Program Director of The Blind Center of Nevada and Development Officer at Three Square Food Bank.  Her current role as Mortgage Loan Originator with Homebridge Financial, Inc. allows her to help clients improve upon their financial well-being and celebrate homeownership while giving back to the non-profit community she loves so

2019, and her inclusion in the Jameson Fellowship, has been a transformational year of which she is very grateful. Working along with her fellows and the amazing Stephanie Rosol, Janna has created a life that truly represents her values of trust, integrity and service.  When your focus tends to fall on helping others it’s easy to miss checking in with yourself and what your soul needs.  Stephanie’s mindful questions allowed Janna to investigate options and make authentic choices that have brought so much joy to her life.

One of those choices was to join the Biomimicry Graduate Program at Arizona State University; a Master’s of Science program that takes a collaborative or interdisciplinary approach, garnering strength from varying points of view including the genius which nature holds. Janna’s two children are enjoying the coursework as much as she is while they collectively connect with and study their natural world.

Janna is thankful to all who share their knowledge and heart every day to make our community a better place.


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