Rian Satterwhite

Rian Satterwhite

I grew up in Portland, OR, in a family that loved the outdoors, new experiences, and new perspectives. The pacific northwest shaped my affinity with nature, and my parents’ decision to host exchange students regularly helped me treasure different people and perspectives.

I am first and foremost a father and partner. I am also a leadership educator.

One of my roles on the UNLV campus is to serve as a bridge between the institution (specifically: faculty) and community-based non-profits. The goal is to better incorporate applied service and learning opportunities in UNLV courses… to advance both student learning and needed work in the community. Another, related, hat that I wear is student leadership development. Leadership theory, training, development, and education are what I’ve studied and why I am in higher education. I’ve found my voice and home at the intersection of leadership development, social justice, and sustainability. I love the work that I do.


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