Interfaith Tragedy: A Note from Gard

Interfaith Tragedy: A Note from Gard

Dear Friends,

The events of yesterday morning are deeply disturbing.  Many thoughts and emotions have flooded my soul as I witness the carnage.  We are reminded that this is the daily fare in the Middle East right now.   The cost of such prejudice and hatred is too steep.  That is why I hope you will join me in redoubling your commitment to interfaith understanding and dialogue.  Once again, our Muslim brothers and sisters will be reviled for their faith.  An unacceptable response.  In this month of Ramadan wherein so many hundreds of millions are praying for peace on our planet, let us recommit to the ways of peace and non-violence.  Let us remove prejudice and hate wherever we find it.  Let us promote a culture of compassion.  I thank you for your ongoing work in these endeavors.

This summer I will be meeting with interfaith leadership and we will be moving toward bringing forth a legislative declaration of Nevada as a Golden Rule State, joining Arizona.  But, more importantly, let us each dive deep within to root out our own seeds of prejudice, to promote the tender seeds of compassion and non-violence, and to renew our commitment to a culture of peace.  May God Bless the victims and their families!

In peace and friendship,

Gard Jameson

Chair, Interfaith Council of Southern Nevada


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