UWSN Leadership Training Series

UWSN Leadership Training Series


The Simmons Group is a consulting company based in Las Vegas with extensive international experience in training, organizational development and talent management.

Through your partnership with United Way of Southern Nevada, the Simmons Group will be offering six classes, at a discounted rate of $150 per class or $950 for the series, for interested nonprofits. These classes may be taken individually or as a series. 

All classes are held once a month (dates listed below) on a Thursday morning from 8:30am – 12:30pm in the United Way Boardroom, located at 5830 West Flamingo Road, Las Vegas, NV  89103. 
You will need to be registered for the first course no later than Friday, July 1st.  To register and pay for the course(s), please contact Bailey Gibbons at 702-492-5314 or bgibbons@simmons-group.com.

Class Descriptions – Personalized Series

Class 2:  Managing in Moments of Tension (Emotional Intelligence) – July 7 ($150 per participant, nonprofit rate)
This class provides leaders with the skills to recognize how emotions drive behaviors, the difficulty in managing one’s own emotions, and the emotions of those around them.  Tools to manage interpretation of information and appropriate levels of reactions are reviewed.  Leaders become more aware of their unconscious behaviors and learn to effectively manage emotions to make conscious decisions for future behaviors.

Class 3:  Conflict Management – August 11 ($150 per participant, nonprofit rate)
It is inevitable that we will encounter difficult people in our lives and in our workplace.  In this class participants will explore ways to recognize and deal with difficult people.  Understanding their own tolerance levels and developing tools to diffuse situations are a few of the skills people will leave this session with.

Class 4:  Core Competencies – September 8 ($150 per participant, nonprofit rate)
As a leader there are many skills that will serve the role – this course refers specifically to Setting Expectations, Providing Feedback, Listening Skills, Change Management and Coaching.  Reminding experienced leaders of the importance of all and providing techniques to enhance these foundational leadership skills is the intent for this course. 

Class 5:  Presentation Skills – October 6 ($150 per participant, nonprofit rate)
As supervisors we all have to give a talk from time to time. The skills taught and practiced in this interactive class, build confidence around the following presentation skills:  How Adults Learn, Presentation and Facilitation Skills, Audio Visual Tools, Planning Skills, Story Telling, Building Credibility, using VARIETY for engaging presentations.

Class 6:  Finance for the Non-Financial Manager – November 10  ($150 per participant, nonprofit rate)
This class is specifically designed to assist leaders in understanding financial resources and financial reporting.  Profit and loss statements, balance sheets and cash flow statements are all clearly and simply defined.  Participants experience the translation of transactions into reports, then understand the key indicators to focus on.  Not how to book every entry, but how their decisions and transactions turn into the company’s financial data.


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